It's More Than Just A Methodology, It's A Philosophy

Both Horse and Rider Must Be Respected as Individual

Kathe’s goal is to establish an equal partnership between the Horse and Human. This partnership is created through the ideas of Mutual Respect, Communication and Understanding. This allows the team of horse and rider to establish a Peaceful, Harmonious Relationship. The methods used at Quiet Mind Horsemanship allow the horse to Learn Easily, Move Forward Comfortably, and Excel Rapidly with a Quiet Mind. The horses Gain Confidence, Trust Their Riders, and are prepared for any level of riding be it Competitive or Trail. Kathe has also worked diligently to learn about the Mustang and to give the Mustang a good beginning or restart in the domestic world. The teaching and training methods Kathe has adapted uses the ideas of Natural Horsemanship, Balanced Riding, Dressage and Years of Education from the Horse.

Your Mind Tells Your Body – Your Body Tells The Horse

The connection of body and mind creates a communication between horse and rider allowing the horse to feel and respond to the rider’s subtle body language. Kathe offers the rider Balanced Riding Skills, Explaining Feel with Timing while encouraging Communication and Awareness. Using these tools develops an Efficient, Committed Rider who is able to Communicate successfully to the horse thus allowing the horse to be Willing and Forward. One of Kathe’s mottos isĀ “DON’T SELL THE HORSE SOLVE THE PROBLEM”. She believes that horses come into our livesĀ for a reason and we should strive to help these horses have a better understanding of what the the human is asking of them.